First off, congrats to Joy, Neverwinter’s newest Knight (of the Serpent). Huzzah! We’ll try to get some pictures of the ceremony up in the galleries asap.

Also congratulations are due to Stinkfoot for receiving a well deserved Master Owl.

Nocturne was crowned King, and received his FIRST ORDER OF THE MASK. Venus is again regent, with Auwyne the new Champion.

Sir Bjorn was executed in court for excessive cheering.

Trapdoor won the throwing dagger tournament and now holds the Dagger of Infinite Penetration… for now. The rules for the dagger allow it to be taken from him if he is killed with the dagger and his spirit severed… let’s see how long he holds it.

Almasy is the new president of the board of directors.

Thanks to everyone who came out to coronation.