It is a very sound theory that during the Dark Ages, when the plague ravaged so many people in many parts of the world, the two primary suspected culprits behind it are poor hygiene and poor immune system. Bacterial infection was rampant because living conditions were horrible and no one really knew how to keep bodily cleanliness among the masses. Cleanliness was, in fact, a luxury only afforded by the wealthy (and they were certainly not about to share.) It should be noted that during that time, the words “shampoo” and “body soap” were not really particularly en vogue yet. When diseases set in, people suffered greatly due to poor immunity brought on by poor nutrition.

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Today, people know the importance of cleanliness. In fact, the bath industry is now a multi-billion business. However, many people still do not consider body cleansing from within. Our digestive system is a very complicated system. Although we think that the food or drink we consume simply go to the intestines and whatever is left passes out the other end; it really is not quite that simple. Food and drinks take a long time to digest – several hours at the very least, depending on how much is ingested and the metabolism of the person. The digestion process breaks down whatever is ingested and absorbs what can be absorbed and releases the rest. By-products of digestion include gas and materials that cannot be dissolved anymore.

For people who do not “go” on a daily basis, or a more regular basis, these by-products eventually become hostile to the body. After all, these are waste materials and waste materials tend to rot and stink if not properly discarded. These waste materials or bio-toxins accumulate in the body; and just like most other toxic chemicals, these eventually become poisonous to the surrounding areas. This is the real reason why internal body cleansing should be part of our daily rituals.

Morning should be the best time to “go,” since (and if) this is the time when your digestive system has had 6 or more hours of uninterrupted work. This means that while you were asleep, most of what you have digested for dinner should have passed through the system already. Unfortunately for many of us, “going” does not come easy.

Many people turn to laxatives as a remedy to this problem. However, most medical experts agree that laxatives should only be taken as a last resort, because the body learns to build up tolerance for most laxatives. This means that you need an increasingly higher dosage for each laxative break you take in order for the next one to work.

Ingesting fiber rich food is a better alternative since these are well tolerated by the body. Many people with “going” problems swear that drinking acai berry juice can solve tricky situations in a hurry.

Organic acai is naturally high in fiber and iron which helps in flushing out the toxins from the digestive system. Acai berry juice, when processed in its purest form (without being mixed with other berries) has the correct balance of fatty acids like amino acids, copper, magnesium, potassium and vitamin P or bioflavonoids There is also oleic and omega3, omega6, and omega9. Monavie Acai is one of the more popular acai berry juice brands these days. Not only is this a vital drink if you want to clear up the toxins from your system; but it taste pretty good too.